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Organic Cotton Gift Wrapper Bags

As featured in Guardian Green Gift Guide

Click on images and 'Details' for more information. Do note pictures are not to scale.

Click here to get to page on Small/CD gift wrapper bag Small/CD Size Gift Bag

£2.50 or 2.00 when bought with selected hankies.

Now just 1.80

Fairtrade organic cotton DVD gift wrapper bag full of baby clothing DVD Size Gift Bag

Would fit DVDs, CD-ROMs and Playstation games £3.00.

Now just 2.00

Click here to get to page on Book size gift wrapper bag Book Size Gift Bag 

This bag would take a large children's book.

Click here to get to page on Shoebox size gift wrapper bag Shoe Box Size Gift Bag

To fit larger objects and boxes £5.00.

Now just 4.00


These eco-friendly bags are exclusive to organically and made for us by members of the KV Kuppam Co-operative in conjunction with Bishopston Trading. The fabric also carries the FAIRTRADE mark.

Fairtrade logo

Unlike most other "gift wrapper bags" currently available on the market (if you can find them), these bags started as non-GM seed planted in the Kutch area of Gujerat, North India and grown organically as well as under fair trading conditions by Agrocel and certified by SKAL.

The spun cotton is then transported by lorry to producer partners in South India where it is dyed (using non-AZO dyes) and handwoven by some 300 weavers in KV Kuppam. The fabric is then sewn into these "gift wrapper bags" (our preferred description) to an original organically design, to specifications we laid down.

Click here to learn more about our organic cotton fabric.

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