Exfoliating Face Cloth

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You have heard about all the downsides to using plastic ‘micro-beads’ and how they accumulate in the water but are too tiny to be trapped, leading to damage to ocean life and all that.


These cloths are made from the same type of fabric as the Dish Cloth. I kid you not. One day I decided to experiment by using it on my face when the gel cleanser left a feeling of ... gel which did not seem to wash off. I pulled out a ready-washed Dish Cloth 'reject' that had been sitting in my drawer for some time, rinsed it in hot water and pulled it across my face. The result: a very good and refreshing scrub leaving my skin tingling.


So I’ve decided to make a smaller version of the Dish Cloth, edged in a silver-grey thread. The corner tag is for hanging the cloth whether in the bathroom or on the washing line.

If you look around on the internet, you might find sellers of similar products making some extraordinary claims about such cloths (being good for blackheads, acne, etc.). I am NOT making any such claims. I simply think this waffle-weave cloth is a great (for me, occasional) alternative to facial scrubs, or even the traditional terry towelling face cloth. Use and throw it into your  normal laundry for a good wash. Reuse.


Each measures about 10¾” x 10¾”.

Single Cloth at £3.50

2-Pack, at £6.00


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