Snails & Owls

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Roses and Blue

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organically are proud to be the very first people to introduce organic cotton flannel handkerchiefs (from Canada) to the UK and EU, thus making Siew-Peng the #1 Hankie Lady.

Then, people sniffed (and some still sniff) at the prospect of people turning away from a disposable culture. We have not stopped trying.

Please click on images (or click on menu on the left) for more information about the different types of handkerchiefs we now offer. 

Gift Hankies

Kids Hankies, Large Hankies and Floral Batiste Hankies

Plain Hankies

Organic cotton Flannel Hankies in different sizes. 

Pocket Pouch


Mini Flannel Hankies in a Pouch. No need for tissue paper any more

Small Gift Hankies

Super-soft hankies made from fabric imported from USA.

Bamboo Blend Hankies

Limited stock of bamboo-blend hankies for kids.

Blue and White Batiste Hankies

Batiste Hankies cut a little larger because they are so soft.


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