Bamboo and Batiste Hankies

An eco-friendly and practical gift idea


We have a last batch of white batiste hankies which range in size from about 13½" to 13¾" (34cm to 35cm). We combined these hankies with a normal size Bamboo Blend hankie and carefully wrapped them in the biodegradable cellophane film. They are £7.50 a set. We have only a few sets.

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Reversible Gift Wrapper

If gift-wrapping is not one of your talents, why not use one of these gift wrappers. Insert the hankie and away we go! It is easy to put these in the post. The recipient will be able to re-use the gift wrapper. From our experience, most would not, and would rather keep these to store other precious possessions. 


See here for details on Gift Bags. Usually priced at £3.00 each, you can buy one for £2.00 when ordering with Large Hankies. You can note your colour preference, but we cannot guarantee that we will have what you requested in stock.


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