New Seasonal Flannel Hankies 

A NEW Combo available!

We are introducing some new seasonal flannel hankies made from sustainable OEKO-TEX® fabric designed by AGF (Art Gallery Fabrics) Studio. You can learn more about this certification here. In short it means that the fabric has been tested for harmful substances and is harmless for human health. The tests, conducted by independent OEKO-TEX® partner institutes, take into account numerous regulated and non-regulated substances. 

We have some wintery designs for the season. They are:

Mr Penny Vanilla "Cycling Bears"

Warm and Fuzzy Frost

Fleuron Haven

Combined with Plain Flannel

FIVE (+ ONE NEW) COMBOS: These hankies measure about 26.5cm (10½”)  in width. We are pairing up each of these with a small organic cotton flannel hankie (30cm/11¾” in width). We also have "Cycling Bears" and "Warm and Fuzzy" in a separate combination, and a 3-Pack Collection of all the new fabrics to make a "festive gift pack". (You can always share the pack out with the family!)  


We now have a 2-Pack of Fleuron Haven at £6.50.



ANY OTHER COMBOS? If you would like these hankies in different combinations, do get in touch with me. I MIGHT be able to do something about it.

1 OEKO-TEX® Patterned + 1 organic plain flannel

ONE patterned fabric + ONE small plain organic cotton hankie at £6.00

1 Mr Penny Vanilla + 1 Warm and Fuzzy Frost OEKO-TEX®

ONE each of "Cycling Bears" and "Warm and Fuzzy" hankies. at £6.50

3-Pack (1 each of) Patterned OEKO-TEX® flannel hankies

Festive Gift Pack: Three-Pack collection of all the new hankies at £10.00.

Please note that the "Warm and Fuzzy Frost" fabric feature lines of patterns which are not straight against the edges of the handkerchiefs. They have been printed in a "wonky" manner.

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