Large Assorted Gift Pack



This was very popular as they make good gifts for anyone (not only dads) who likes larger hankies. 


I managed to procure some more brown/burgundy check bamboo blend fabric. This has been edged in a chocolate and teamed with a deep purple handloomed organic cotton edged in blue and the very sturdy turquoise edged in a different shade of blue.

The bamboo blend is made from an organic cotton and bamboo handloomed fabric from an ethical source. The warp is organic cotton and the weft is bamboo yarn. The cotton gives strength while the bamboo gives softeness, lustre and absorption, according to the supplier. The plain hankies are also ethically sourced, and handloomed, 'salvaged' from the now-defunct Bishopston Trading. 

The bamboo blend hankies are very soft, making them more absorbent for winter colds. The purple requires a couple of washes and I found it to be a delight to use. The very sturdy turquoise requires the most number of washes before they get to optimum absorbency. Until then, why not use it as a pocket square?


Handkerchiefs vary in size from about 14¼" (36cm square) to about 14½" (37cm) square. 

Each assorted Pack of Three at only £9.00

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