Patterned Batiste Hankies

I waited for years to see my 'niblings' get married. Then all of sudden, three got married. We had to go to north America for one wedding and look what Siew-Peng brought back! 

#1 Hankie Lady has been eyeing these fabrics but it was difficult and expensive to ship from USA. So Siew-Peng went a bit mad buying colour and patterned fabric of different weights. Hand-carried back, they did not cost extra miles, only those Siew-Peng had to fly to come home. Now a nephew brings my orders to UK whenever he is passing through London.

All our batiste fabrics are sheer, very light-weight, made and dyed to the highly restrictive standards required by GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standards), using only low-impact, fibre-reactive dyes in an environmentally-sensitive facility. 

Only a limited number are available and are exclusive to organically™. 


These hankies come in Packs of Two and will make a great gift. Why not buy a pack for someone you know who already cares for the environment? 

Patterned (Blue and Orange) Pack

These hankies are are about 25cm by 25cm (10" by 10"). 

2-Pack at £7.00. 


SORRY. Temporarily out of stock. 


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