Hankie Goody Bags 

As and when new packs are available, it will be announced on Facebook. Do 'Like' the page to be kept informed.

This is where we collect the following and sell them at ridiculous prices:

  • end-of-line hankies
  • hankies that had been used for photography and forgotten
  • hankies that might be slight second in their having marks (which we are almost certain would wash away)
  • hankies that we had to re-size and re-sew 
  • hankies that have been difficult to cut to size because of the handloom properties of the fabrics we use (where the 'loom spread' is too ... spread)
  • hankies with experimental embroidery (ie prototypes) which we decided not to put online

Please not that these hankies are sold in packs according to size, NOT COLOUR. 


£10.00 a pack. Five Large hankies (around 14" wide).

Six or seven hankies for the Small Pack (from about 8" to about 11"). 


All the hankies are made from organic cotton (lawn, batiste, flannel) or a mix of bamboo and organic cotton. They are despatched 'first out of the bag', BUT if you can spot a preference in the pictures below, let us know and we will try to oblige. Or email us first to check on stock.

SORRY! These have GONE!
SORRY! These have all GONE!

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