Small Bamboo Blend Hankies

organically started with finding hankies that would fit into children's pockets. Our kids' size bamboo blend hankies proved to be very popular. I've finally been able to source more of this fabric. The saffron check fabric features bold red lines with a mint green shadow. I've used a green thread to highlight this. 

Made from an organic cotton and bamboo handloom fabric from an ethical source, the warp is organic cotton and the weft is bamboo yarn. The cotton gives strength while the bamboo gives softeness, lustre and absorption, according to the supplier. 

These are heavier than normal lawn hankies, but much softer, making them more absorbent for winter colds. Friends and even teachers are known to have thrown plain cloth hankies away as some have never seen or used cloth hankies. These brightly coloured ones will remind them that these are not for throwing away! 

Hankies measure about 10¼” x 10¾” (26cm x 27cm) (not the slightly larger size as shown in photo above). They are sold without any plastic packaging although some salvaged plastic might be used at despatch for various reasons. See: Blog post 

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