Large Bamboo Hankie Packs

Hankies are a great gift especially for those who are far away from us. You can easily put them in the post (aka 'snail mail'). I've put together a few Large Hankie Gift Packs here.


The hankies used are made from a brown/burgundy check bamboo blend fabric, plain ivory flannel and plain white batiste.   


The bamboo blend is made from an organic cotton and bamboo handloomed fabric from an ethical source. The warp is organic cotton and the weft is bamboo yarn. The cotton gives strength while the bamboo gives softness, lustre and absorption, according to the supplier.


The flannel hankie (ivory) is one half of the Large Plain Flannel hankies pack.


[We are out of the white batiste at the moment.] The batiste (white) is a super-soft and very sheer fabric, very expensive and nearly impossible to machine in a straight line. But it is deceptively strong. Many customers have been asking for this fabric, but I've only managed to get my hands on some after several years.

Batiste and Bamboo Hankies
Flannel and Bamboo Pack

Handkerchiefs vary in size from about 14" (35cm) to about 15" (38cm) square. The two-hankie packs at £7.50 are: “Batiste and Bamboo” and “Flannel and Bamboo”.


NEW! We also have Bamboo with Grey "Straws" flannel here.


As regular customers know, I do not use plastic packaging. These packs are ‘secured’ with a strip of recycled kraft paper and sticky labels. During despatch, however, I might need to use some recycled/upcycled paper/plastic either to protect the order (particularly when the weather is bad) or to keep the envelope within ‘Large Letter’ thickness.


NEW! We now also have some Reversible Gift Bags which are a perfect fit for these Hankies. The fabric is of contrasting colours. See here for details. Usually priced at £7.00 each, you can buy one for £5.00 when ordering with Large Hankies. You can note your colour preference, but we will despatch what is next in the bag.


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