Large Batiste Hankies

SORRY! SOLD OUT.  Look out for the Blue Hankie in a different combination. 

I love using the batiste hankies. Sometimes, however, they seem a bit too small. 

When I got to the end of the Frolic fabric, there was not enough to make three more sets of small hankies. I went to make some larger ones instead. The Blue batiste is new and I decided to bundle this as a 14" hankie with the last of the Frolic. Only a few packs of this combination in stock, as usual. Packed in our usual brown paper 'packaging.


As an introductory offer, they are 2-Pack (one each of Frolic and Blue) for just £7.50. Please note that the Pack will be folded over to fit into an envelope where necessary. Choose the "2 for £15.00" option to reduce P&P.

To buy a Large Frolic/Blue Batiste Hankie Packs


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