Birch Lawn Hankies 

NEW! I am so excited about our new supplier of organic fabric. This lovely "Bella" lawn fabric from Birch is a perfect hankie weight: it is a bit sturdier than the batiste fabric, and printed in cheerful designs. The solid colours are also a cool accompaniment to the floral patterns.

"Blush" and "Margot Cream" lawn hankies
Denim Floral
Minty Solid

NOTE: We now have a new hankie combo: Denim Floral and Minty. As they are the first cuts from the bolt, they vary a little in size, both slightly over and slightly under the standard size. These are being sold as "Prototypes" at just £6.00 a set.

The sides of these hankies are about 10¼” to 10¾” (26 to 27.5cm). A pack of two are just £6.50

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