Birch Lawn Hankies 

We have SECONDS due to some equipment issues! 


NEW-ish! This lovely "Bella" lawn fabric from Birch is a perfect hankie weight: it is a bit sturdier than the batiste fabric, and printed in cheerful designs. The solid colours are also a cool accompaniment to the floral patterns.

"Blush" and "Margot Cream" lawn hankies
"Denim floral" and "Minty" lawn hankies "Denim floral" and "Minty" lawn hankies

The sides of these hankies are about 10¼” to 10¾” (26 to 27.5cm). A pack of two are just £7.00. You can also buy a "Super Bundle": One pack each of the two combinations for £13.50 (limited to one Super Bundle per customer).


SECONDS/STOCK UPDATE: We are out of Denim Floral/Minty Hankies and therefore cannot offer a "Super Bundle" at the moment. I had major equipment issues and now have a batch of Denim Floral/Minty Hankies that MIGHT have wonky stitching. MIGHT because some were sewn after the machine was repaired but I was too lazy to separate the good from the slightly-not-so-good. You could well be getting some really good hankies. The labels are simpler. Just so you know. At £6.50 instead of £7.00.

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