Orange and White Gift Pack

#1 Hankie Lady recently found a more local distributor of ethical and organic cotton fabric.


These Small Gift Packs feature a white batiste hankies and an orange-and-white Monaluna ‘Bones’ fabric (it’s sort of herringbone) in a more sturdy lawn. Great fabric, if a bit dizzying to look at!


The batiste fabric is sheer, very light-weight, made to the highly restrictive standards required by GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standards), in an environmentally-sensitive facility. Being silky-smooth, they are a challenge to handle. 

These hankies vary in length between 26cm and 27.5cm (about 101/4” to 103/4”). 

White Batiste and Orange 'Bones' Lawn Hankies

Hankies come in Packs of Two. Why not buy a pack for someone you know who already cares for the environment? Each 2-Pack at £6.80. 


Note that, due to customer demand, I have stopped using plastic packaging. These packs are now ‘secured’ with a strip of kraft paper and sticky labels. During despatch, however, I might need to fold them over, or use some recycled paper/plastic either to protect the order (particularly when the weather is bad) or to keep the envelope within ‘Large Letter’ thickness.


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