2018 Double Gauze and Batiste Hankies

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When I got my hands on samples of these fabric, I knew these would make great hankies.


What I did not anticipate was the difficulty with actually cutting and sewing them.

Double Gauze (roses motif) is made up of two different fabrics stitched together at the selvedge and kept in place throughout the width with stab stitches (holes stamped through both fabrics). As the line of weave was not attached at the double selvedge at right angles, it was difficult to get straight lines down the weft. I don’t know if this is a feature or just that bit of fabric that I was sent. As the pattern is printed and not woven into the fabric, I cannot even take guidance from the prints.


Anyhow I have tried to minimize this problem by using the tedious ‘cut-iron-cut-sew-cut-sew-iron’ method. I’m selling the first batch as ‘seconds’ while I try to improve the cutting and sewing technique.

Likewise with the batiste. This ultra-soft and sheer fabric is, like silk, very slippy making it immensely difficult to cut and to sew. However, the end-result is a super-soft and very pretty hankie that I will be proud to use in the poshest of places. Again the first batch is being sold at prototype price.


These are sold without any packaging or labelling. They will come as they are out of the bag/box. I might wrap these in re-purposed plastic to give it some protection and to keep them within the one-inch thickness allowed by Royal Mail.


2-Pack 2018 Hankies (one of each): £3.00. VERY LIMITED STOCK.



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