Sunshine Hankies

I’m calling these Sunshine Hankies because I can only sew these when there is bright enough sunshine in my sewing room to cope with the challenges of sewing these fabrics. That means – I hope – I’ve managed to sew some sunshine into these for you!


I’m selling these as ‘Seconds’ because the Pink-Striped fabric is end-of-line: we are completely out of this lovely organic cotton lawn fabric after this batch is gone. There are some irregularities in the fabric because it is handloomed. The size varies slightly but are about 11" by 11¼". 

The plain Rose Pink fabric is very smooth to touch and soft. It will get more absorbent after several washes. The biggest challenge in sewing this fabric is the loom spread. The selvedge is much wider than the middle bits so squaring this fabric along the actual weave is impossible. Most of these hankies are about 9¾" by 9¾".

For both types of hankies I have to employ a ‘cut-iron-sew-cut-sew-iron’ system. Selling these cheap even though it had been tedious to make because I am not going to bother with any packaging or labelling. They will come as they are out of the bag/box. I might wrap these in re-purposed plastic to give it some protection and to keep them within the one-inch thickness allowed by Royal Mail.


2-Pack, one of each: £3.00

4-Pack, two of each: £5.00

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