Birch Lawn Hankies 

Large versions of Blush/Margot Cream hankies available. Small ones being sold as SECONDS at £4.50.

This lovely "Bella" lawn fabric from Birch is a perfect hankie weight: it is a bit sturdier than batiste, and printed in cheerful designs. The solid colours are also a cool accompaniment to the floral patterns.

Larger hankies are about 31.5cm while the smaller ones are nearer 26.5cm

Shopping Birch "Blush" and "Margot Cream" lawn hankies, small, for ladies, women, children, boys and girls "Blush" and "Margot Cream" lawn hankies being sold as SECONDS. Just £4.50
Shopping "Denim floral" and "Minty" lawn hankies, small, for women, ladies, children, boys and girls "Denim floral" and "Minty" lawn hankies

The sides of the smaller hankies are about 10¼” to 10¾” (26 to 27.5cm). A pack of two are just £7.00. The larger hankies are just over 12" wide (31.5cm). A pack of two (one plain and one patterned) are £8.50.


SECONDS of small Blush/Margot Cream hankies now only at £4.50 a pack. 


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