Small Double and Triple Packs

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Mish-Mash +

Most of our hankie packs come in twos and fours. But, we now have bundles to let you sample a variety of fabrics and prints. These also make great gifts any time of the year. 


Flower Power + 


The Flower Power + Pack is made up of Spring Daisies + Fleuron Haven + Warm&Cosy Frost. Selling at £9.50.


Spring Daisies + Fleuron Haven were our Flower Power Duo at £7.00. 

(The additional hankie is only £2.50 instead of £3.50.)


Or double up any hankie for just £7.00 a pack.


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Mish-Mash + 

The pack is made up of Mr Penny Vanilla (Cycling Bears) + Wooly Three (Wonky Check) + Warm&Cosy Frost (Cosy Frost). Selling at £9.50. Dare I say, this has a more gender-neutral feel.


You can also get some Packs of Two (Wonky Check and Cosy Frost) 


To buy OEKO-TEX® Mish-Mash (+) Flannel Hankies

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