Welcome to organically

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We don't advertise, but you found us! So, a warm "Welcome" to organically from #1 Hankie Lady*, the first person with the vision (or some say crazy enough) to introduce organic cotton flannel handkerchiefs to the UK and EU. I must have done something right, as I see that I now have numerous competitors.

Since 2005 we have been constantly trying to re/invent ethically-traded and eco-friendly (pesticide-free) reusable products to replace plastic and paper disposables. Some of these include our own-design Fair Trade organic cotton Gift Wrapper Bags and Ribbon Ties. However, our reusable Cosmetic Pads are probably the most popular. We also stock organic cotton String Bags with the most reasonable P&P rates (currently £1.25 for a single bag).

We hope that this would go some way in persuading you, your friends and family to dispense with disposables. This, in short, is our mission.


Plain and patterned hankies in different pesticide-free fabrics to suit different pockets.

String Bags

'Small' but large and strong enough for your household shopping.

Table Napkins

Table Napkins in different sizes and fabrics to replace single-use paper serviettes.