Gift Wrapping

Did you know that...? It is estimated that as much as 83 square km of wrapping paper will end up in UK rubbish bins, enough to cover an area larger than Guernsey – over Christmas alone!


Why not switch to gift wrapper bags? They can be used countless times. Just fold them away when not needed and retrieve them when an occasion calls for it.

Gift Wrapper Bags

Available in Bundles of different sizes and colour prints 

Crazy Ideas

Just ideas to use in place of paper gift wrap and sticky tape.

Eating paper (is wrong!)

If there was one thing Siew-Peng wanted to invent it would be edible gift wrapper!

She remembers vividly how amidst all the Christmas presents at his first Christmas, her son was only interested in playing with (ie chewing up) the wrappers!


Since edible paper is out for now, the next best thing is cloth gift bags.


Isn’t it annoying when rubbish collection is halted over Christmas and New Year, and half the wheelie bin is filled with wrapping paper that had been used once. I am not sure if local authorities recycle wrapping paper as they often have metallic content and plastic sticky tapes.


Though anyone can make cloth gift bags out of scrap material (and I encourage you to), and many different versions are commercially available at ‘competitive’ prices (which leaves me wondering how much money per bag the actual producer gets), we carry only gift bags made from organic cotton, sourced from a now-defunct co-operative.


In addition, I continue to experiment with different bag designs. Or, why not, as some customers have done, buy some colourful hankies or Table Napkins to use as cloth wrappers? Indeed why not use some Ribbon Ties?


Our gift bags may appear expensive, but the recipient(s) can use the bag over and over again, saving lots of trees. These are bags that do not stop 'giving'. 


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