Christmas Newsletter 2023

Winding up some of the narrowest streets imaginable in a "tourist train" we were greeted by this incredible sight of houses "carved" into a hill-top at Modica, Sicily. Spectacular! On our 25th wedding anniversary trip.

A huge "THANK YOU" to loyal customers who responded to my cry for help this time last year. You came forward with several suggestions and I've tried to follow these up, but not all with success. We've survived another year because of you. THANK YOU!


I have since learned that serious e-commerce these days is a full-time job, not one that can be run around child-minding and other caring responsibilities, which was the situation when I started. I've met people whose full-time job is to post content on social media! That was a shock to the system.


I tried updating content on my website as much as possible and also be more pro-active on social media and even went on Instagram. All I got were "offers" from people who demanded payment upfront to get more "Likes" and "Followers". Hmmm.


Once again, I am asking for your help in making Organic-Ally more visible online. Please share this newsletter or our website link with your friends and family. And social media. Why not do a Michael McIntyre-style "Send to All" on your address list? Simply clicking through to the various website links would also help. If you own a website such as a blog, could you also host a link to us, please? 


Royal Mail put up stamp prices TWICE in the last year. I am holding my P&P fees or as long as I can. There is also a FREE HANKIE (you could indicate your preference) on all orders over £16.00 (before P&P) while stocks last. 


As Christmas approaches and despite many forgetting the real reason for our celebrations, may I wish you PEACE and GOODWILL. Amidst all the noise and dread and the "Christmas music" (!) in stores and on radio, I hear the Christmas version of Bette Midler's "From a distance" .... 


Siewpeng / Shopkeeper 


PS: If you or you know someone who could give me free SEO support (I can pay in hankies and/or string bags!), please contact me at Thanks.


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