Mustard and Red Check Bamboo

There is also a lime green shadow if you look carefully

  • Organic cotton and bamboo mixed to give a drapey strong fabric 
  • Organic cotton warp, bamboo weft
  • Made by Genesh in India
  • Supplied by trusted textile company
  • 44" (111 cm) Wide 


This is the fabric I use for the very popular Kids' Bamboo Hankies. But I would like to de-clutter and am selling this off so that you can make your own hankies, pyjamas, or anything that takes your fancy. Do note that because of the looms used, there is a noticeable amount of loom spread. (It will be difficult to pattern-match where the 'spread' is obvious. Still, a beautiful fabric to work with.


Sold in multiples of 0.5 metre (about 19" lengths) and 1.0 metre (39"). P&P starts at £1.44Please contact shopkeeper if you have a special request.


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