Gift Wrapper Bags

BUNDLES at just £12.00 and you can buy these as Singles!

We pioneered cloth alternatives to single-use paper gift wrappers years ago. At home, we have a box full of fabric gift bags of different sizes and numerous button ties. They have been used countless time, saving many trees. Our eco-friendly bags are exclusive to organic●ally.

Guitar Large bag, lime green and lace effect Wine Bottle bags, floral and patterned Small bags

These are made by the Shopkeeper herself. They are made with ethically-sourced and eco-friendly (but not organic-certified) cotton fabric. The features include:

  • a removable button tie with 24" of satin ribbon; you can decide where to secure the bag 
  • the ribbons can be (inter-)changed to the colour of your choice
  • you can substitute the original ribbon with a string if you wish
  • the buttons are hand-covered, not made by a robot or machine, and may exhibit imperfections
  • may look unimpressive when folded flat, but are very pretty once filled and you can re-shape the bags in creative ways.


These are being sold as a bundle because you never know which bags you might need, and as single bags. There are only a few sets of each bundle. Each bundle consists of:

  • one Large bag (about 12¼" x 21½", 31 x 53 cm) which fits a ladies size shoebox (A single at £4.20.)  
  • two Wine Bottle bags (6" x 17", 15 x 43 cm) wide enough to hold a Champagne bottle (NB: I prefer to turn the top edge down inside the bag itself and secure around the neck of the bottle.) (A single at £2.20.)
  • two Small bags (8¼" x 9½", 21 x 24 cm) for all kinds of little treasures. (A single at £2.20.)
  • an extra 48" ribbon just in case you need it 

All for just £12.00 for a bundle/set. See "How to use Wrapper Bags and Button Ties".


When ordering Singles, please indicate at Checkout, a separate email, or via Contact Form your preferred colour/fabric, but we cannot guarantee that you will get the colours requested.


If ordering a Bundle and you want a swap of colours, again, please email or use the Contact Form. We will try out best to accommodate.


Note that these are decorative bags. They have not been tested for strength. Please support the bottles, especially, when transporting them about.

A large Gift Bag with a children's activity pack, closed with a button tie, and flipped over (below).

Four bundles available.

Guitar Set 

Tree Set 

Butterfly Set 

Petals Set 

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