Plain Flannel Hankies

Please note: The current batch of plain flannel hankies may look a bit distressed after washing. However, they iron up well and become really soft to the skin, except when you are in a hard water area, in which case ironing becomes necessary. 


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At organically we strive to reduce our carbon footprint as much as possible. These locally-made super-soft flannel hankies (and double-sided cosmetic padsare made from unbleached (off-white) organic cotton flannel. The supplier of this flannel fabric is Soil Association certified. 


Note that the hankies are "fuzzy" when new but will shed a lot of this "fuzz" after one or two washes when it becomes even more absorbent. 


Do note that:

(1) there will be a little shrinkage after washing and

(2) we use ordinary sewing thread to neaten the edges (for now, until we are able to procure some organic cotton alternative that can be used in the machine). 


We have hankies in three different sizes and four different pack sizes ranging from £5.50 to £10.00.  

Pack of Two Large Flannel Hankies

Large: 14½” x 14½”

(37cm x 37cm)

2-Pack for £7.50 

Pack of Three Mini Flannel Hankies

Mini: 8½” x 8½

(22cm x 22cm)

3-Pack for £6.50

Pack of Four Small Flannel Hankies

Small: Just under 11¾” x 11¾”

(30cm x 30cm)

4-Pack for £10.00

NEW Pack of Two Small Flannel Hankies

Small: Just under 11¾” x 11¾”

(30cm x 30cm)

2-Pack for £5.50


(unsolicited) Customer Comment, 8th February 2017

"Just thought I would update you on my purchase [Large Flannel Hankies].

Your handkerchiefs were perfect on my skiing holiday. They were highly absorbent - a normal handkerchief would normally be a soggy mess by the end of the day. Additionally they cleaned up well each day when hand washed and even coped with high altitude induced nose bleeds !!! And dried really quickly - perfect

I will recommend them when I am away next."

A. Hunter


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