How many hankies 

#2: How many hankies do you need? 


Apparently, when asked, "How much money is enough?", John D Rockefeller answered, "Just a little bit more!"


It makes me feel very Rockefeller when trying to answer the question, "How many hankies do you need?" In my opinion: not enough! But don't mind me.


Seriously, from question #1, I would say at least two a day. Depending how frequently you do wash them, perhaps 8 to 15 would be a good start.


The husband has enough to last a month. No kidding! Don't forget, you need at least two while the rest are being washed. 


You might also wish to consider whether or not to co-ordinate colours with your outfit. We have different weights of hankies for different seasons as well.


You know what they say, a journey of a thousand miles begins with a first step. Start with two hankies. See how you feel. Large, or small, or even smaller still.



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