Reversible Gift Bags

Is it a clutch bag? Or is it a cloth/fabric gift bag that keeps on giving? 


For some time now I have discarded the plastic packaging for the gift packs sold in this shop except for the Pocket Pouch. It had been on my mind to make a different kind of "self-seal" but reusable cloth gift bag. I also know from experience that a lot of recipients of cloth gift bags do not reuse them. Instead they are used for keeping other bits of valuables. Maybe this will tempt them to "re-giftbag".

Shopping Reusable Cloth gift bag is perfect size for large hankies #1 Royal Blue with snowflake design and a very Bright floral Yellow. (You will need shades!)
Shopping Reusable reversible gift bag for large men's hankies #2 Dark Green (with subtle patterns) and floral Yellow
Shopping Reusable reversible Cloth gift bag is perfect size for large hankies #3 Gold with red motif and forest green floral
Shopping Reusable Cloth gift bag is perfect size for large hankies #4Gold with red dots and pale green floral


That gave me the idea of creating a reversible gift bag. These double-sided cloth gift bags are designed to go with any of the Large Hankie Packs. You can turn them inside-out and use it showcasing a contrasting colour fabric. The bag can be secured either way with an up-cycled button, thus making it suitable for different personalities. Each bag measures about 8½" x 9" when closed. 


Or, you can secure it with one of our crazy button ties. These go with anything, really. 


These bags are now just  £3.00 each. However they are only £2.00 a bag when you order with Large Flannel Hankies. I only make four of each colour combination.


Happy gifting!

We found these lovely organic cotton T-shirts for some great-nephews (size up to 5 years). They fitted neatly into these bags. I made the tag from a clothing label that comes with new purchases. I hate throwing those away. Instead, added a "gift label" to it!


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