No more hankies for me

#3 Why I’m not using a cloth hankie again


It is expensive to throw away after just one use.


It requires washing. (See answer to question #1)


It catches all the icky stuff that comes out of your nose when you could simply be using a sleeve. (See answer to question #1)


It might not be hygienic, although even medics think hankies are OK.


It does not require cutting down trees (thus releasing captured carbon) for making paper tissue. Let’s See How Many Trees You Can Save From Not Using Tissue Paper



It comes in pesticide-free (ie organic) fabrics. (See this webpage


It comes in different weights for different seasons. (See this webpage)


It comes in different colours to match your clothes. (See this website)



It does not leave fluff on your face, brows and beard when you have to wipe your perspiration. (In fact the idea for organically started after paper tissue in my son's pocket messed up the whole wash.) Now we know why sweaty, beardy orchestra conductors and other musicians do not use tissue paper on their faces.  


#1: Are handkerchiefs more hygienic/sanitary than tissues?

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#2: How many hankies do you need? 

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#4: How should I wash cloth hankies?

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#5: How do I use cloth hankies?

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#6: Hankies in the creative sector

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