Hankettes Tea Towels

Look what I discovered in storage! For customers going back to when I first started, Hankettes might ring a bell. They are the people in Canada from whom I imported the original flannel hankies.



Hankettes used to, but not any more it seems, also made Tea Towels (picture above) from a  natural colour-grown organic cotton in an open weave that is very effective for dish-drying. I had been embroidering them with fun motifs (see pictures below), but stopped when life got too hectic.


Measuring 19" x 27" (66cm by 45cm), we are now selling these PLAIN Tea Towels (with NO embroidery) in their original 2-Packs at £8.00. If you are handy with needle and thread, you could customise them for the recipients. 


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